Vasiliki Tsiakopoulou

Vasiliki Tsiakopoulou was born on February 6th 1981 in Tripoli in Arkadia, where she grew up and remained until her graduation from the 1st Lykeio of Tripoli. Afterwards, she successfully passed the exams and entered into the Faculty of Law of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the year 1998. She has graduated from Law School in the year 2003

She has knowledge of the English language ( holder of Proficiency Degree in English awarded by the University of Cambridge – Proficiency Degree in English awarded by the University of Michigan)

Throughout those 12 years of practicing law, Vasiliki Tsiakopoulou has acquired outstanding experience in litigations, standing before the court in order to defend our clients almost on a daily basis. Furthermore, she has been providing both legal entities and individuals with reliable and documented legal opinion on their legal issues.  

Vasiliki Tsiakopoulou has participated in a great number of conferences and presentations organized by Thessaloniki Bar Association and other Bar Associations, as well as other organizations of Thessaloniki city with reference to legal issues on real estate property and their legal and regulatory framework.