Thalia Papapavlou

Thalia Papapavlou is a graduate of the American College of Thessaloniki – Anatolia College. She has graduated from the Faculty of Law of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a member of Thessaloniki Bar Association since 2011.

Ever since, she has practiced law in well-respected law firms of Thessaloniki. Her litigation practice and active involvement in various law cases lead to her meticulous and in-depth research and study concerning various sectors of the Law. She has also worked as a legal advisor in companies. Throughout all those years of practice, she has served the law with dedication, ethics and consistency, whereas she has always treated her clients with respect and esteem.

Thalia Papapavlou continuously monitors the developments in legislation and case law in the field of legal science. She participates in seminars, workshops and conferences related to the developments in the Greek, European and International substantive and procedural Law.

She handles cases with regard to civil law specializing in labor law, contract law and collection and enforcement measures. She also advises on cases with reference to commercial law specializing in corporate and bankruptcy law as well as criminal cases.

She has an excellent knowledge of the English and French language and very good knowledge of Spanish.

Furthermore she translates legal, commercial, financial, fiscal and all types of documents from Greek to foreign languages and vice versa, always showing responsibility and with accuracy.