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Collective employment relations – Collective Labour Agreements – Law for Strikes

Vassilios Kartaltzis and Associates Law Office has been working for many years on the issue of Collective Labour Agreements and Work Regulations by participating into negotiation procedures and concluding such agreements.


Our long experience and expertise in this field allows us to provide consultancy services to companies and trade unions by editing Collective Labour Agreements and Work Regulations drafts. Our law office prepares such drafts by complying with the formalities as specified by the law. Moreover, our law office undertakes collective bargaining, both directly with the social partners and also by appearing before the competent Mediation and Arbitration Service (OMED) during mediation and arbitration procedures.


Due to the numerous cases we handled throughout the years, our law office gained the expertise and experience to represent our clients before any authority and implement any judicial process required, such as disputes regarding trade union representation, during Secondary Arbitration and in annulment trials.

The institution of Collective Labour Agreements/Collective Bargaining, as currently in force in our country, for a long time was regulated by Law 1876/1990 “on free collective bargaining.” Since 2011 onward, the aforementioned institution has undergone numerous modifications, legislative amendments, additions and abolitions (or temporarily suspension) of provisions, thus becoming an intricate part of labour law.


Often simultaneously with collective claims also arise collective struggle issues, such as strikes or work stoppages, security personnel issues etc..


Early treatment to all of your issues is a key challenge for our law firm.  We believe that we may successfully achieve our goal by conducting successful negotiations, providing our clients with precise and valid information in relation to the legal possibilities concerning their issues, as well as representing them judicially (or extrajudicially) in default security personnel matters, in judicial matters of judgment on the legality of the strike etc..


The lawyer team of "Vassilios G. Kartaltzis & Associates Law Firm" will provide you with legal advice related to your legal issues and will represent you before courts of Law of every Instance.

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