Vassilios Kartaltzis and Partners/Associates Law Office provides our clients with comprehensive legal and advisory services in order to acquaint them with the procedures and suggest the best way to fulfill the formalities required by various public authorities in order to conform with labour legislation, always depending on the specific needs of the business.

Our expertise enables us to find the best way for our clients to set working conditions (working hours, salary, etc.), which shall meet with their needs, while complying with the often rigid bureaucratic provisions of public authorities.


Despite the introduction of electronic interface system named ERGANI and electronic forms, the frequent changes in various forms, etc., introduced by the various ministerial decrees and circulars, and the large volume of forms (e.g. permits books, overtime books etc.,.- tables for working hours, employment agreements and announcements regarding the conclusion or termination of employment contracts) require immediate and timely advice for our customers, so as to eliminate the risk of fines.

Furthermore, we propose solutions with reference to amendments of employment contracts, agreement or labour by rotation, wage cost rationalization, termination of employment contracts, etc.


The lawyer team of "Vassilios G. Kartaltzis & Associates Law Firm" will provide you with legal advice related to your legal issues and will represent you before courts of Law of every Instance.

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