Due to many years of work and experience, also cooperating premiere law firms in many parts of the Greek Territory, Vassilios Kartaltzis and Partners/Associates Law Office supports its clients legally and judicially, throughout many cities of Greece.

In addition to our consultancy services, we have experience in filing and refuting claims and in general pleadings before courts of all instances. We also undertake criminal cases as well as collective bargaining {work regulations, collective labour agreements (within the business framework or in a broader sense), strikes, security personnel, etc.}.

Moreover, our cooperation with accounting and tax offices in Greece and abroad, allows us to provide comprehensive consulting services to our clients in response to their individual needs.


The lawyer team of "Vassilios G. Kartaltzis & Associates Law Firm" will provide you with legal advice related to your legal issues and will represent you before courts of Law of every Instance.

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