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“Vassilios Kartaltzis and Partners Law Office” was founded in Thessaloniki, serving clients in Greece and abroad. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with high-quality, reliable legal services, handling each case individually, with the utmost caution, professional responsibility, efficiently, promptly and always showing personal interest in our clients’ legal issues and personal interests. Our clientele consists of private individuals, small and large businesses with dynamic growth, as well as legal entities governed by public law and private law. 

Our legal expertise on a wide range of legal issues, due to the great number of significant cases that our law office has successfully dealt with, ever since its establishment, provides us with the necessary credentials to handle all kinds of legal matters regardless their level of difficulty.

The lawyers of our office are highly committed to our clients’ needs. They are also specialized in different practice areas of the Law, with outstanding litigation skills, offering to our clientele reliable expert legal advice and successfully defending them before the court.

We pride ourselves on our personal engagement in every individual case, which we handle with diligence and commitment. Our law office features a network of associates in Thessaloniki and also in other locations throughout Greece and abroad, with high education and expertise in different areas of the Law, in order to meet our clients’ individual and corporate interests and aspirations. Our law office is structured with respect to corporate structure standards, providing excellent services, innovative and unique solutions for each individual client of ours.  


The lawyer team of "Vassilios G. Kartaltzis & Associates Law Firm" will provide you with legal advice related to your legal issues and will represent you before courts of Law of every Instance.

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